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There is space for lots of tools, garden equipment and garden furniture in the garden shed.

The garden shed offers protection against wind and weather, against dirt and dust // You can attach a padlock to the slide door as a theft protection 

 Total dimensions: 196 cm x 122 cm x 180 cm (W x D x H)/ Cubic metre (storage area): approx. 4 m³.Care has been taken in terms of measurement and dimensions are an approximate, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the dimension information.

 A base is provided to ensure the shed sits on an even surface The base is a galvanised steel framework that sits inside the shed (please note base boards not included, you will need to purchase ply boards for the floor and put ontop of the base framework) the purpose of this base structure is to keep the goods inside the shed off the ground,. you always have the option not to use the base framework and set up shed directly onto the ground. 

Thanks to the material properties of the lacquered, galvanised steel sheet, it is very durable and maintenance-free. The metal base guarantees a secure stand . If needed, you can also insert a floor.

The slide door allows convenient access and saves space for more storage 

A multi-facetted and on top of that visually timeless storage alternative for your garden


-Lacquered, galvanised steel sheet 

-Offers a protected space 

-Valuable storage area 

-Space-savingly also suited for a small base-area 

-Aluminum bottom frame

-Handy slide door 

-Possibility to attach a padlock 


-Timeless, sleek look 

Technical details:

Dimensions with Roof: 196 x 122 x 180 cm (Length x Depth x Height). 

Eaves height: 177 cm.

Ridge height: 180 cm. 

Measurements door: 77 x 155 cm (Width x Height). 

Measurements roof: 196 x 122 cm (Length x Depth). 

Weight: approx. 48 kg

Material: Lacquered, galvanised steel sheet, synthetic parts

Box contains: 

1 garden shed as building set 

1 illustrated assembly manual

Comes in two packages

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